MTF Quarrying & Mineral Processing Machineries


Ambient air is forced into the heater by fan through air inlet duct. Insıde the heater, combustion gases and heated air have been separated with a stainless steel combustion chamber. Air passes around combustion chamber and gets heated and hot air is given to the system through air outlet duct. Combustion gases leaving the combustion chamber go up to the water heater and pass through inside the tubes heating the water around the tubes.

Burner operation is controlled through temperature of the water with a thermostat. When the water temperature comes to the thermostat set value, thermostat turns the burner off . If water is taken to the water batch tank on the mixer, temperature falls and the burner starts automatically until the water temperature reaches to the thermostat set value. Burner works automatically on and off like this. (Water temperature will be slightly over the thermostat set value because of the remaining heat inside the combustion chamber).

When the water is heated, it expands and expansion tank is used to allow room for this expansion. Expansion tank consists of piston with O-rings and springs. Heated water expands and applies pressure on the piston and springs. Piston moves down allowing space to the expanded water.At the end of the combustion chamber there is safety cover equipped with springs. If there is an over pressure inside the combustion chamber, safety cover opens and allows combustion gases out.