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MULTICON® Vibratory Grinding Mill

Multicons® are newly developed grinding process equipment which is very compact and energy efficient dry grinding system. These grinding systems are mainly proposed to be used as a pre-grinding system for cement finish grinding system and also for dry grinding of ceramic raw materials. Multicon® system can also be used in various grinding applications such as mineral processing and industrial raw material industries, glass industry and other fine powder demanding industries.

In cement industry, Multicon® is incorporated in a cement finish grinding installation as a pre-grinder with a suitable separator (V-Separator, O-Sepa, Sepax or Two-stage Sepax Separator). Multicon® allows decreasing energy consumption by 30-35% while increasing capacity by up to 30-40 % in a close circuit cement finish grinding tube mills.

Multicon® has superior advantages over the similar machines such as roller press in term of much lower investment cost, lower wear rate and operational cost.

Multicon® grinding system is also suitable for dry grinding of ceramic raw materials providing advantages of investment and operational cost over the ball mills, stirred mills, and pendular mills.

MULTICON® Working Princible

Multicon® is vertical vibratory mill that can be also called vertical roller vibropress. The material is ground by the combination of “impact, compression and attrition” forces. The grinding forces are generated by two oppositely directed vibrators, one of them is located in bearings of internal milling body (2) and the second is the specially mounted external body (1) as seen in Figure 1. The second vibrator is the driver that gives the force to internal body and the external and support of the first one plays the role of dynamic equilibrator of vibratory mill. The material is fed from the upper part of the mill and ground while passing through between these two vibrating bodies.

The fineness of output and the mill capacity can be adjusted by the opening between internal and outer body, unbalanced forces (3) and driver speed (5). Multicon® system is mainly operated by a separator so that the coarse particles can be returned to the mill and the final product fineness can be adjusted to the desired fineness.

MULTICON® Charactaristics

1-Low investment and operating costs
• Lower investment compared with roller press
• Low power consumption
• Low wear rate. Grinding cones use special quality materials

2-Low construction cost
• Comparing with roller press, civil construction cost can be reduced by 30-40%

3-Easy Reliable operation
• Equipment is equipped with automated control devices, remote control can be realized.
• The operation of the machine is easy and simple
• There is no high pressure which conforms high utilization rate

4-Easy and convenient Maintenance
• Machine can be maintained within short period of time and require little expenditure compared to roller press

5-Stable product quality and operation

6-Little pollution

Multicon® 1000 is operated in open circuit. Size distribution of Multicon® output is obtained from the sample which passed only once from the mill.