MTF Quarrying & Mineral Processing Machineries

Process gravel, sand or crushed 0-5 mm stone containing excessive clay/dirt with several combinations of the scrubber and bucket wheel dewaterer, screw dewaterer, washing screen, belt feeders and belt conveyors.


They are used to process gravel, sand and rock containing too much clay and dirt. Owing due to rotary motion of the scrubber, material is subject to a grinding type action, throughout the process resulting disintegration and removal of clay and dirtby water. That’s why, it has been accepted to be very effective machine for many years. It mainly consists of the welded steel construction drum resting on several pneumatic tyred wheels driven one or more than one electric motors. It’s iner walls are covered with linear plates to resist wear. The discharging trommel is go constructed that it ensures fast discharge and moisture free output.